Winter Storm Warning: Philadelphia Aqueduer Forecast for Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Nor Easter is passing over our coast today, with strong winds, winds blowing off the coast of Jersey and heavy snowfall over I-95 and the surrounding areas north.

The biggest snowfall of the event is this morning from evening to evening as our true Nor Easter (coastal low) passes over our shores. A group of heavy snow will form (the best chance for this is in our NW suburbs). Extra 6-12 «already over 6» already fallen winds can cause dangerous travel and low visibility.

The less snow we approach with the I-95 the less. While some models allow 3-5 above the 3-5 we have already seen, others suggest delaying and suppressing some of this extra snow, whipping dry air into areas near Philadelphia this morning. We already have a typical 3-5 «or more near I-95. Another 3-5» or so is possible, but only if that dry air fails to take strong flow in the city. Let’s see how it works as the lower volume is fully formed and moves north of it.

Again, the first round of snow has accumulated to at least 3-6. «This morning and this afternoon in southeastern Pennsylvania the Delaware and New Jersey areas are closer to the Delaware River, and some additional accumulations can be seen. The maximum is 34. It will blow at high speeds of 35-50 mph, with high winds blowing along the coast where there is a coastal flood warning and moderate coastal flooding during some coastal erosion.

Tonight: The ice period will continue throughout much of the region, although the intensity and rate of accumulation will decrease. The journey will be even more difficult. The minimum is 32.

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Total snowfall: Our far western districts can expect 12 to 18 «(mainly north of BA Turnbike), I-95 sidewalk 8-12», South Jersey 4-8 «and coastal areas 1-4» (away from washed rain) .

Today: Clouds are still hovering around the area around the slow-moving storm, and prolonged snowfall and even storms are likely, but additional accumulation is expected. It will be breezy and cool, it will be just 35s and 20s with air cooling.

Why the I-95 Corridor could be the dividing line between snow and rain

Wednesday: The clouds will mix with the sun a little. It will still be breezy and cold. The maximum is 36.

Thursday: Look for more than 38 sunny skies. It won’t be too breezy.

Friday: Mostly cloudy earnings. It’s been more than 42 seasons. It may rain during the day and night.

How meteorologists predict winter storms

Saturday: It is a rainy cloudy day. The maximum is 39.

Sunday: The sun mixes with the clouds. Rose a chili 37. A shower at night is possible.

Monday: Occasionally clouds mix with the sun. It is more than 26 airy and cool. A snowfall cannot be ruled out.

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